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  Shanghai New Ka Wah is an independent member of BKR International in China。 BKR International Accounting organization was established in 1989 and is ranked among the top 20 in the world。It now has nearly 150 independent member firms, covering more than 300 cities in more than 70 countries and regions on six continents。 Members of the BKR International accounting organization take advantage of their local strengths in overseas reporting, auditing, business operations, laws and regulations, traditions and human relations,Combined with an international perspective and the assistance of member firms,To help customers solve business problems due to differences in regions, traditions and laws。Shanghai New Ka Wah also gives full play to the advantages of global resource sharing of BKR International organization, combined with its own professional technology and creativity, to provide many customers with global professional accounting services that meet international quality, so that you can get more opportunities in today's rapidly developing world。In many cities and regions, BKR has become the preferred professional partner for local businesses。With the help of the good operation mechanism of BKR International organization, professional follow-up training and information sharing and exchange mode,Shanghai New Ka Wah is able to continuously obtain the latest consulting information in the international and domestic industry from various ways,We believe: with the support of BKR's close global network,Our customers no matter where they are,Can get our perfect service。At the same time, we also warmly welcome you to visit the BKR official websitewww.bkr.comLearn more about BKR International and its international member firms!

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