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All staff of New Ka Wah gathered in Hangzhou Xixi New Century Wuyuan Hotel to celebrate its 10th birthday

Release time: 2019-05-19

In the spring of April, all the staff of Shanghai New Ka Wah Accounting Firm gathered at Hangzhou Xixi Kaiyuan Wuyuan Hotel to celebrate the 10th birthday of New Ka Wah under the theme of "Grateful for you, Create brilliant together"。
At 17:00 on April 21, the warm and atmospheric conference hall welcomed the jubilant new Jiahua people, who signed their names in front of the sign-up board and took photos with specially customized photo plates。18时08分,The Thanksgiving dinner is officially off,By Zhang Jianming, Ma Yingjie, Zhao Xufeng, Lv Xiaoxia four partners full of deep feeling poetry recitation "Looking Back Ten years",Led the participants to review the remarkable growth process of new Jiahua along the way,Project teams are also finding time in their hectic schedules,Well-rehearsed and colorful artistic performances,Show off your skills at this Thanksgiving party,Feast your colleagues' eyes。Since the establishment of the firm in 2009, the old staff who have joined the new Ka Wah team and have been sticking to it until now, the service period has reached the tenth anniversary, and got the special commemorative ceremony of the firm。This loyalty and unremitting effort is an important guarantee for the success of New Jiahua。At the same time, I also hope that more colleagues can continue to go firmly with New Ka Wah!

In the course of ten years, Xinjia Chinese have made remarkable achievements and accumulated certain experience。For the united new Ka Wah people, this opportunity to gather together, lively raffle, toast, enjoy the program, once again unite the people, everyone is proud and proud of being a member of new Ka Wah。With the singing of happy birthday, the partners of New Ka Wah made good wishes on the stage, wishing New Ka Wah a better next decade!

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