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BKR International 2018 Global Annual Meeting was held in Shanghai in October

Release time: 2018-07-31

金秋10月,BKRThe biggest annual event of the International organizationBKR InternationalThe "Global Annual Meeting" will be held at the Grand Hyatt Shanghai on the Bund。This is after...2004BKRAfter the Asia-Pacific Annual Conference held in Shanghai, the international organization once again chose the international metropolis - Shanghai as the meeting place。1020日至1023On Sunday, hundreds of professionals from member firms around the world will gather together to discuss hot topics such as the latest economic situation and financial trends, invite experts from inside and outside the industry to give high-quality keynote speeches, and members will also engage in lively roundtable discussions。作为BKRAs a core member of the international organization in China, Shanghai New Ka Wah will work together as the "host"BKRGlobal headquarters together to organize the annual meeting。

BKR International was founded in the 1980s, and after more than two decades of development, it has become one of the top ten accounting alliances in the world。BKR InternationalThe name stands for the world80Multiple countries,160The comprehensive strength of a number of independent accounting firms and business consulting firms, with500Multiple offices。BKRMember companies, large scale can provide a full range of services, small service providers can also provide personalized special services, we are committed to providing economic, efficient, excellent professional customer service worldwide。The existing Americas, Europe and Africa, Asia Pacific joint area, three major land areas。In addition to the annual global joint annual meeting, each region also has corresponding annual meeting arrangements, inviting members in the region to make close communication and connection。

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